Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve!!

We're had two couples for a NYE dinner and celebration.  I wanted something to dress up the appetizer and dessert table in the bar.  Where did I turn for inspiration?  Pinterest, of course.

The 2016 bottles were easy to put together, just be sure to allow plenty of time for the bottles to dry between steps.

Here's what you need:

Beer or Wine Bottles
Spray Paint of your choice
Scrapbook Paper of your choice
Floral Wire
Curly Ribbon
  1. Remove the labels from your bottles.  I used Oxi Clean laundry powder.  Soak for a couple of hours and the labels come off easily.  A word of caution, the oxi can cause staining in ceramic sinks.  I do this process in a dish tub or large bowl.
  2.  If desired, prime the bottles with white paint or primer.  Less glitter is required if you prime the bottles.
  3. Dry overnight, spray with your desired color of glitter.
  4. Trace numbers on the scrapbook paper.  Cut out numbers.
  5. Attach numbers to floral wire with tape.
  6. I used pieces of popcorn packing materials to hold the wire in place.
  7. Cut desired length of curly ribbon to place in bottles.
I have enough scrapbook paper leftover, I can change the number for the next few years.  A fun and easy reusable New Year's Eve decoration.


  1. Very cute! Happy New Year, lovin' the pic in your header too:@)

  2. Love, love this!

    Happy New Year!



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