Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From The Good Life - The Chef's Table

On our recent Princess Cruise, Tim and I decided to sign up for the Chef's Table. Maybe I should say I decided we should sign up for the Chef's Table. The day we sailed was my birthday, so this was my birthday present. If you've cruised before you know your meals are included in your fare. The Chef's Table, however, is one of those things that is extra. Everything I had read said how difficult it was to get "invited" to the Chef's Table. Those who had been invited suggested you call to put your name on the list the minute you get to your cabin. I was busy unpacking and caught up in the overall excitement of the cruise when Tim reminded me to call. They took my name and said we would hear in a day or so if we were "invited". Two days later in our mail slot, there it was...our invitation to the Chef's Table.

You are greeted outside of the dining room by the Maitre d'hôtel. He escorts you to the kitchen, you wash your hands and slip on the lovely white lab coats. We were the introduced to the Chef. On our cruise this was 40 year old, Chef Guido Jendrytzko, the youngest head chef on Princess Cruise Lines. He takes you on a tour of the galley and explains how the kitchen works each night. We were then treated to appetizers and champagne. Chef Guido explained each dish and paused to answer any questions. He was engaging, warm and an overall wonderful host.

We were then escorted to our table in the dining room. The table was beautifully decorated with fresh flowers and candles. Chef Guido and the Maitre d'hôtel presented each course. Everything I had read said there was so much food and to be careful or you wouldn't have room for the dessert. We were served red and white wine with dinner, as well as Limoncello and a dessert wine with the dessert course.

My favorite dishes of the evening were the Tuna Tartar, Mushroom Risotto, Leg of Lamb, the dessert cheese course and the chocolates at the end of the evening.

The Chef's Table can accommodate 12. Our particular night there were 10 of us. Of the 10, 4 had experienced a Chef's Table before. Hands down, they said this was the best Chef's Table they had attended. In addition to dinner, wine and champagne, you receive a picture of the group with the Chef, a rose and a Princess cookbook. I can't wait to go again on a future Princess cruise!


  1. Happy Birthday sweet Julie! Now that sounds like the perfect party for you. Please, (because you are such an adventuresome chef yourself) make a couple of dishes from your new cookbook. Your pictures are beautiful!!!

  2. Whoa! How fun! This sounds like an awesome experience and the perfect birthday for you!

  3. I'm going on a Princess cruise in June and everything I've read has said how wonderful the chef's table is. Congratulations on getting to eat at it.

  4. What can I say! this sounds like a WOW must do experience. I have never been on a cruise; you make it sound wonderful. Great way to celebrate your birthday.

  5. Everything looks amazing, so cool you were invited! Wonderful way to celebrate, cruising and the Chef's Table.

  6. It looks like such a delicious experience! My husband and I have done a chef's table once at a restaurant and it was wonderful.

  7. How lucky you were to eat at the Chef's table! Sounds like a wonderful experience.


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