Thursday, September 16, 2010

From The Good Life

Labor Day weekend Tim and I went to the Minnesota State Fair. "The Great Minnesota Get Together" is one of the largest state fair's in the country. Attendance at this year's state fair was 1,776,211, just shy of last year's record attendance of 1,790,497. Not a record, but a huge crowd, 210,000 people attended the day Tim and I were there.

We experienced all of the traditional fair fun! Livestock, produce, art, machinery and last but certainly not least food. Everything you can think of on a stick. There was a booth that advertised nothing on a stick. The booth promoting their vegetable tray didn't have much of a crowd.

Bacon on a stick! And a really large tree for background!

A corn picture of Minnie and Paul!

The largest pumpkin, just over 1000 pounds!


The Fair Princesses out of butter!

Aren't they cute?

What else in Minnesota...Hot Dish on Stick with Mushroom Soup dipping sauce!


  1. Wow, that's a huge attendance! Our Wisconsin state fair was held in the middle of August during a heat wave which kept attendance flat this year. Lots of food-on-a-stick here too. Love the butter princesses!

  2. You had me at "bacon on a stick."

  3. I love the fair! It is the best place for interesting eats! We go FOR the food!! Looks like a great time, even with the crowd.

  4. What a great fair! My favorite is the Fair Princesses out of Butter, how fun!

  5. What a great day at the fair! Food on a stick sounds fun!


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