Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sweet Melissa Sunday's & A New Mac

I wonder how many years I've been using a computer? Maybe 30 and I've always been a PC user. It's time for a new computer! As much as I wanted an iPad, I needed a computer to do everything and that just wasn't the iPad. I'll continue to have iPad envy and occasionally borrow Tim's.

I wanted to find a computer that was really portable, light and easy to take along on vacation or wherever I go. The Apple MacBook Air seemed to fit the bill, perfectly! My concern was could I make the switch from a PC to a Mac? I called my son and asked his opinion since he'd been a PC user until a few years ago and he knows his mom. He was confident I could do it! I asked Tim to be honest and let me know what he thought. After all, he was going to have to deal with the fallout from my decision. He too said he thought I could do it and was willing to help me. I decided to take the plunge!!

So I bet you want to know two things, how am I doing and what does this have to do with my SMS post? First, how am I doing?'s been a bit of a struggle, learning a new way to navigate. Thanks Justin for letting me know how to right click on the Mac. No Internet Explorer, where I've read all of your blog posts for two years? After a painful few hours, I think we've (really Tim) figured out how to set up the RSS Feeds in Firefox so they're similar to how I had them in IE.

I was looking so forward to this week's SMS. The SMS bakers took December off and I've missed baking with my SMS friends. I bought all of the ingredients. The Hazelnut Raspberry Layer Cake looks delicious and it's my favorite color, pink! I just don't have the energy to bake! Candy Girl is our host this month, you can find the recipe and her beautiful cake here! The links to the other talented SMS bakers can be found here!

Are you a Mac user? Any hints for me, I'd welcome them!


  1. I just switched to a Mac when I started teaching this fall -- I love it. I'm by no means an expert, but let me know if you have questions.

    My husband isn't a native to MN... he's a newbie!

  2. I am not sure if you can get Google Chrome on a Mac, but if you can, it is what I use and I like it a lot. And it is a lot safer than IE. So is Firefox. (my husband's in IT so I know these things!)

    And oy... that Chiefs game yesterday was painful, no? So close... ;)

  3. What a timely post. I just got a new laptop; I really tried hard to convince myself to go with a Mac, but I decided to stick with what I know. I didn't have anyone to go to for help so now I'm getting used to my new/old laptop.

  4. I'm the opposite, started on a Mac and ended up with a PC. Slowly going back to Macs though. One by one, kids first! You'll get the hang of it! Enjoy your new Mac!

  5. I'm not a Mac user! Enjoy and have fun with it!

  6. I'm a long time Mac user and love it! You won't be disappointed with the switch. They are a bit more expensive - okay - more expensive, but my laptop is 4 years old and trouble free. Can't beat that!


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