Sunday, November 15, 2009

Candied Sweet Potato Cupcakes- Martha Stewart's Cupcake Club

These cupcakes remind me of the sweet potatoes we had for Thanksgiving dinner when I was a little girl. Lots of marshmallows. Today, I actually prefer my sweet potatoes without marshmallow goo!

I stood in the kitchen for a few minutes trying to decide whether make a half or quarter of this recipe and whether to make mini cupcakes or standard size cupcakes. I just wasn't sure we would like these, so I figured we'd go with one bite mini's. As I was assembling these, I kept thinking...sweet potato??

Boy was I wrong, these are delicious. The sweet potato flavor is mild and the cupcakes are light and airy. YUMMY!!

Trying to brown the marshmallows with my torch, I almost set the kitchen on fire. So as not have to call 911, I decided to try putting the marshmallows under the broiler. All the while I kept thinking how do they stick to the top if you're browning them on top? So ladies, how do they???As I was setting up little trio's of marshmallows, it occurred to me I had a jar of fluff in the cabinet. Flame free and easy.

This month's MSC recipe was chosen by Karen at Karen's Cookies, Cakes and More. Thanks Karen for picking a recipe I would not have tried otherwise!!! You can find the links to all of the other MSC baker's here.


  1. Great idea using fluff! I skipped this month, but I'll probably try to make these at some point. I think the minis are perfect!

  2. Wow - these look really great! Love how you spread the icing.... fluff! They look nice and evenly browned. But best of all - how they remind you of a childhood favorite! Nicely done!

    Mike (Living Out West)

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  3. Thank you, thank you for baking along with me. You go girl! All 3 baking posts!!!

    Your cupcakes look fantastic! I chickened out on the marshmellow altogether.

  4. The marshmallows were a bit tricky. I toasted them in little mounds under my broiler and then used a spatula like Martha suggested to transfer them to the cupcakes. It was messy, but I love marshmallows so the effort was worth it for me :) Your cupcakes look awesome - glad you liked them!

  5. I actually had a jar of marshmallow fluff - and I didn't even think of using it! Oh well, now I have it for my Christmas fudge...

  6. I should have thought about putting some frosting on the bottom as a "glue"--but yea, it was a challenge for me too. I spread and stacked mine carefully on a baking sheet, broil them, and transfer them *very carefully*.

  7. Good call on the Fluff! These were yummy cupcakes, but the topping was a bit tricky. Nice job!

  8. Look at that beautiful color of those cupcakes! Loving it!

    I used marshmallow creme for the frosting and white sweet potato for the batter. Winning combo!

    Thanks for baking with us this month, super star!


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