Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1750 Miles...Jackson Hole

Michael was very glad there would be no alarm set for 5:30 on Day 6. We slept in. After a fabulous breakfast at The Running Bear Pancake House in West Yellowstone, we headed towards Grand Teton National Park.

Grand Teton is not far outside the south gate of Yellowstone. Upon entering the park we stopped at the visitors center for a map. We were told we could see elk, elk calves, bears and bear cubs on our trip down to Jackson Hole. Shortly after entering the park, we were stopped with road construction. Just about the time we started moving, off in the distance was a bear and a cub...go figure the road is one lane and we can't stop for pictures!!! We did see numerous elk and a baby moose along the way.

It was a cloudy day and the tops of the Teton mountains were hidden by the clouds. Even with the cloud cover, these mountains are amazing!!! We made a stop at Jenny Lake, a beautiful lake at the base of the Tetons. We took the boat across Jenny Lake and a hike up to the beautiful falls.

We'd rented a condo just outside of Jackson . So nice to be in the same place for two nights. Four loads of laundry later, we all have clean clothes again!!

We had dinner at the Gun Barrel Steak and Game. Tim enjoyed an Elk Chop, Michael a mixed grill of venison sausage, elk chop and buffalo prime rib. He ate every bite and said the prime rib was the best he'd ever eaten.

We drove up to the Snake River Overlook (the site of Ansel Adams famous photograph of the Tetons) to take sunset pictures. What a breathtaking and serene sight. On our way to the overlook we saw an owl. He was the most beautiful creature.

The chilly weather and lack of sunshine made me rethink my desire to go white water rafting. Tim and Mike were willing to squish into wet suits for an 8 mile trip down the Snake River. I did some shopping in downtown Jackson Hole. Unfortunately, my credit card limits aren't high enough for many of the jewlery stores and galleries in Jackson.

Jackson has been the highlight of the trip for me. The Tetons are breathtaking and I loved the town. A return trip to this area will be in our future vacation plans.

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