Monday, June 15, 2009

1600 Miles...West Yellowstone

It is the end of Day Five and we are in West Yellowstone. Today began with another early morning of animal watching. It was a cloudy, chilly 41 degree morning. Just as we entered the Lamar Valley, we saw two black wolves about 200 yards from the road. Fascinating to see these animals up so close.

We spent the rest of our day seeing the many thermal features and geysers of Yellowstone. The colors and shapes are fascinating. We ended our day watching with the most famous and predictable of geysers, Old Faithful.

Driving to Old Faithful, traffic came to a standstill and it took us about 90 minutes to go less than 10 miles. We wondered was the traffic always this bad or had there been an accident? As we approached the area where the traffic had been stopped, we saw the problem, a LARGE herd of Buffalo.

Next up days Six and Seven Grand Teton and Jackson Hole...

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