Sunday, May 3, 2009

What is Verjus?

Prior to my trip to Sonoma a friend recommended a TV show called In Wine Country. In Omaha, it's on early on Monday mornings, thank goodness for the DVR. One of the features on the episode I watched this morning was on Verjus (vair-ZHOO).

Verjus is the pressed juice of unripened grapes. Verjus comes from the French term vert jus, literally "green juice,". The grapes used to make verjus are the unripened grapes the vintners thin from the vines. The unripened grapes are pressed but not aged.

Verjus van be used in salad dressing as you would a vinegar or as a substitute for lemon or lime juice.

I am anxious to see if Verjus can be found anywhere locally. Possibly Whole Foods? If not, I will be ordering verjus to try in some summer recipes.

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