Sunday, March 15, 2009

Nana's Quick Chocolate Cake

The quick chocolate cake we often enjoy is a recipe passed down from my best friends mother and my son's grandmother. Cancer took Nana from us too soon, as it sometimes does with our loved ones. This is one of those recipes you pass on and everyone loves. It's easy to make...hence the title...and oh so delicious.

Nana's Quick Chocolate Cake

4.6 oz box cook and serve chocolate pudding - cook as directed
1 box chocolate cake mix (any kind, do not make as directed)

After pudding comes to a boil, add box of cake mixture. Mix well, it will be a little lumpy.
Spread into 9 x 13 pan (grease and flour pan first) - sprinkle with 10 oz bag chocolate chips(nuts optional)

Bake according to time and temperature on cake mix box.


  1. Now this is my kind of cake! I'm sure it is divine and looks easy to make. Thanks for re-posting Julie!

  2. Oh too bad she passed away already,I hope there are more recipes that she passed on you.You know I love chocolate cake but I always thought there is something missing with my chocolate cake.Your chocolate cake looks soft,moist and very delicious.I will do it for my son.thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice that you have a treasured recipe to remember your beloved Nana. Those are the best ones :) Looks delicious!


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