Thursday, March 19, 2009

Foods We Can't Live Without #2

I should have made this Foods We Can't Live Without #1 because Chocolate is the number one food I could NOT live without.

My very best friends, Karen and Larry, came to visit us last weekend. We went to the Durham Heritage Museum to see the Chocolate The Exhibition. This exhibtion was created by Chicago's Field Museum. After closing at the Field Museum this exhibit began a 10 city tour .

Did you know chocolate originated 2000 years ago on trees that only grew in Central and South America? Today the Ivory Coast region exports the most chocolate and the Netherlands imports the most. The first chocolate bar was produced in 1847.

In the 1600 and 1700's, long before Starbucks, there were Chocolate Houses. The first Chocolate House was in London in 1657. Many admitted only men. Others admitted anyone who could afford the entrance fee.

If this exhibition comes to a city near you, take the time to go see it, chances are you will learn some things about chocolate, besides how delicious it is.

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