Monday, June 6, 2011

Meet Me On Monday

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! It was so hot and humid here, more like July or August than June. What happened to Spring?

Meet Me on Monday is fun way to get to know more about your fellow bloggers. If you'd like to participate, you can find the details at Never Growing Old!!

1. What is was the last piece of candy that you ate?

A Reeses Peanut Butter Cup! I made Graduation Cap Candy Pops today! (Look for a post on those sometime in the next couple of weeks.)

2. Do you "read" in the bathroom?
NO!! Isn't that a guy thing?

3. I can't stand when someone _________?
Wow, this one was hard. Just ask my husband, I am sure he would tell you there's tons of things I can't stand but I had trouble coming up with one.

How about when someone brings their young child to a nice restaurant? To me there's nothing worse than sitting there trying to enjoy a nice dinner and at the next table is a two year old banging their spoon.

4. Do you do daily, weekly or monthly grocery shopping?
Weekly! I try to plan the week's menu, scour the grocery ads and then do my grocery shopping on Sundays.

Do you plan your menu's in advance or are you a spur of the moment cook?


  1. My husband is with you on the kids in the fine restaurant. I always thought as long as it wasn't my kids, I was enjoying myself regardless. But definitely some places just aren't conducive to kids!

    Spur of the moment cook, for the most part!

  2. Haha, I'm very much a girly-girl and I totally read in the bathroom! :P I think plenty of girls do, but keep quiet! ^_^

    We're more of a spur of the moment meal type couple. I can't cook worth a darn, but my wife can and we often just think of something yummy and have fun getting everything prepared!

  3. tehehe...I don't read in the bathroom either- it feels so strange to read whilst doing....stuff :)

  4. LOL I don't read in the bathroom! We are to heat up again, I would rather have Spring temps.

  5. There are so many places that it's just not appropriate to bring a child - and it's not just a matter of being considerate to those around you. I sometimes wonder what that poor child must be thinking or feeling stuck someplace where they get in trouble for doing anything and they're expected to sit still and be quiet. Really??

  6. Stopping by from MMOM.

    I definitely plan the week ahead of time but I always pick up a few extra dinner ideas just in case something doesn't sound good to the fam.

  7. I do the same thing for grocery shopping and I only go weekly (if possible).
    I'm a new follower from Meet Me on Monday!
    Amy's Life @

  8. I thought the reading in the bathroom was more of a guy thing too.
    About the menu planning, there are times when I am super organised and other times I just wing it :)

  9. Mmm now you've got me craving a Reese's! I think I need to buy some. ASAP.

  10. Blog hopping today and am your newest follower. I hope that one of my blogs interests you too.

    I also host my own weekend hop! blog hop here thurs-sun!



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