Monday, April 25, 2011

Versatile Blogger Award

Last week, Susan at Life, Kids and Genealogy awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award. Thanks, Susan!!

As a winner of this award you're to pass this award on to 15 bloggers. I'd like to award this to all of you!! You're all such fabulous bloggers and I so appreciate your comments on my blog. In addition, the winners of this award are to share 10 things about themselves. Since there's no Meet Me on Monday today, I thought this would be a great day for this post.
  1. Until 5 years ago, I'd lived all of my life in Kansas City. On the Kansas side, primarily in Overland Park.
  2. I am afraid of heights. Not sure where this fear came from. I am one of those annoying people who take a big pause before stepping on an escalator.
  3. I love purses and shoes. Although, the older I get the more I am about comfort in stead of style in those shoes.
  4. I'd like to own a Bed and Breakfast or a small cafe/bakery that only serves breakfast and lunch.
  5. I DVR the fourth hour of The Today Show every day. I love the banter between Kathie Lee and Hoda.
  6. I am a NASCAR fan. Jimmie Johnson is my guy! (And yes, I was a Jimmie fan before he won the chase five seasons in a row.)
  7. My favorite cocktail is a glass of white wine.
  8. I am hooked on Angry Birds and Words With Friends. Although I am much better at Angry Birds than Words With Friends, less thought required for Angry Birds!!!
  9. Tops on my bucket list is a trip to Italy.
  10. My natural hair color is a medium brown or at least it I think it was. My hair hasn't been it's natural color since I was a teenager. Unfortunately, now I think the natural color would be grey?
Anything you'd like to share about yourself?


  1. I love that show, too! Funday, Boozeday, Winesday LOL! and I am so with you on the heights! Congrats on your award.

  2. Congratulations on your award! I love that you're hooked on angry birds, luckily I can't get it on my Blackberry, otherwise I think I would be right there with you. Happy Monday!

  3. You are a fabulous blogger. I've loved getting to know you!

  4. Haha I do love Kathie Lee and Hoda...too funny together!

    I've somehow managed to NOT get addicted to angry birds yet...but we'll see how long that lasts...


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