Thursday, March 24, 2011

From The Good Life

You may remember that Tim's son Michael has been spending his senior year as a Rotary Youth Exchange Student in Japan. Fortunately Mike was several hundred miles south of the earthquake area. However with all of the uncertainty around the nuclear plants, we felt Mike needed to return home. Last Saturday night, after almost 24 hours of travel and security lines of five hours in Tokyo, Mike returned to Nebraska.

We're glad to have him home and look forward to hearing all (or at least most) of the stories from his seven months in Japan.


  1. Oh so great that he got home safely! That's fantastic. :)

  2. That must be a big relief to have him back home.

  3. Bet you all breathed a big sigh of relief now that he's home! That's great news. He must have stories to tell. So heartbreaking.

  4. Welcome home Michael. May the days ahead become a treasured reunion with family and friends. Julie, I'm so glad all is well at your place. Hugs from Washington this time!

  5. What a blessing. I'm glad he's home safely.


  6. What a great experience for him, but even better to have hime home and safe!!


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