Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Big News in the Big O!!

Since moving to Omaha from Kansas City 4 years ago, I've watched my favorite stores close their Omaha locations. First Stein Mart and then World Market. Omaha had three World Market locations, I still can't believe they didn't leave one location open.

While I don't expect Omaha to have the same retail landscape as much larger Kansas City, I keep hoping for some bright spots in that landscape. Today my wish was granted!! Later this year, Trader Joe's is opening a 13,000 square foot store in Omaha. No longer will I have to be envious of those of you who blog about this item or that item from Trader Joe's.

Besides the famous Two Buck Chuck wines, I am looking forward to trying some of the other, often publicized, Trader Joe's items!

Maybe not big news by news standards but big news in my world!


  1. You are so lucky! I would love to have a Trader Joe's!

  2. I am not familiar with that store, but sounds like one I would enjoy visiting. Thank you for stopping my place today.

  3. I had not heard this yet. Great news!


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