Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My First Sweet & Simple Bakes

I have been searching the blogsphere for some baking groups to join. The first one to catch my eye was Sweet & Simple Bakes.

This month's recipe was Jammy Donut Muffins. You can find the recipe here. For the filling, I decided to use some of the delightful strawberry/rhubarb jam , my mother in law made.

My notes on the recipe:

I had a little trouble deciding just how much batter to put in the muffin tins before putting in the jam. I think I used too much for the first few muffins. I didn't need all of the melted butter for dipping but no problem, it will be great for tomorrow morning's French Toast. I don't own a kitchen scale, so the measurements for this recipe were a bit challenging. I did a search and found what I think was the closest conversion possible. I think I need to invest in a scale.

These muffins are melt in your mouth delicious. Next time I want to try them with a cream filling. The muffins are best eaten on the first day, so share with some friends and enjoy!!!

Thanks Rosie and Maria for taking the time to create this group! I look forward to next month's recipe!!!


  1. Your muffins look lovely. I think I would do like you did next time as in putting the jam nearer the top. They look lovely with the wee bits poking through the top

  2. Hi welcome to the group! You did an amazing job considering you don't have any scales, I'm more than a little bit impressed! Well done.

  3. Welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes and congrats on your first bake with us!

    Your muffins turned out lovely and you get extra brownie points for using home-made jam ;o)

    Thanks for taking part and hope you will join us again. Check out Sweet and Simple Bakes tomorrow for this month's next bake!


  4. Welcome to Sweet and Simple Bakes club!! Great job and your muffins look great!

  5. This was my first time with Sweet and Simple too! I also think your muffins look great with the jam just peeking through, gives a hint for what is to come. Very impressed you did it all without scales too!

  6. These look great - homemade jam too - very impressive!


  7. i'm with you - next time it's going to be a custard cream filling. Yum.

  8. Thanks everyone for dropping by. I was so excited to read all of the comments earlier!!!

    Rhyleysgranny: Thanks! Wish I could say the jelly peeking out was on purpose!

    The Girl: Thanks! I was pleased they turned out without a scale. I may need to invest in one.

    Maria: Thanks and thanks for Sweet and Simple Bakes! I can't wait to see the October recipe!

    lilmizlynn: Thanks!

    Chele: Nice to meet another first time Sweet and Simple Baker!!! Thanks for dropping by!

    Lucie: Wish I could take credit for the jam. My mother in law makes the best jam!

    AppleC: Drop by and let me know if you make them with the cream filling. That will be a recipe that I will for sure need to take to work rather than keep at home to eat!! :)

  9. Just the name, jammy donut muffins, reeled me in. But not because of the jam. I felt like I wanted to bake and eat these in my jammies....lol.

  10. Mags: Thanks for stopping by. Love the jammies. These would be great with hot chocolate by the fireplace in winter!

  11. They look great - well done! Normally when making muffins, fill the cases 2/3 or 3/4 full. That should be enough to make a pretty mound on top, but not send it brimming over!
    And I concur with Maria - kudos for the jam! Sounds very yummy.

  12. the muffins looks delicious and fantastic...


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