Thursday, November 1, 2012

In The Mood Intimates - Lace Boyshorts Review

Are you an online shopper?  I am!  I buy make up, shoes, clothes, gifts, books and kitchen items on line.  It's easy and such a time saver, find what you want and click click, it's done.

One thing I've never purchased on line is intimate apparel.  Seems like that's something I always put off purchasing and I am not sure why.  Everyone deserves to wear something beautiful underneath their clothes.  For me that's about to change,  recently I was contacted by In The Mood Intimates.  They were looking for some blog ambassadors.  I quickly responded and said, sign me up!!!

For this month's review, I received a pair of their Hanky Panky Signature Lace Boyshorts.  I love boyshorts.  Their fit is perfect and they are so comfortable.  These were no exception, comfy....check, good fit....check and to top it off they are a beautiful pink color.  (I have to clarify this, no that's not me in the boyshorts, I only wish I looked like that when wearing them.)

If you're looking to treat yourself or need a beautiful holiday gift for someone, check out In The Mood Intimates.  They have a great selection, reasonable pricing and $5.00 shipping (unless you spend $70.00 and then shipping is free.)

Disclosure:  I’m a member of the In  The Mood Intimates Ambassador program and received a review item in exchange for this post.  The opinions are my own.


  1. Ooooh-la-la! What pretty little shorts, a little treat for you and a trick that you were selected to be in their ambassador program. There really is a little bit of everything here. Hugs from Boise!

  2. Ooo these are super cute! I'd always rather just go to the store for such things...but I'll have to look into this!


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