Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chocolate Rice Pudding - Chocolate With Francois

I've never made rice pudding. Chocolate Rice Pudding seemed like a great first time! As far as Payard's recipes go, this is one of the easier ones. Most of the time is spent with the rice in the oven. The recipe calls for an hour's baking time, stirring every 20 minutes. Mine was beautiful after the first and second 20 minutes. I should have checked it again after 50 minutes instead of letting it go the full hour. Mine ended up over done and a little dry. The orange and chocolate flavors of this recipe are delicious and leave your kitchen with a wonderful fragrance.

Chocolate Rice Pudding was the recipe choice of Peggy of Pantry Revisited. You'll find the recipe over at her blog! Her pudding looks beautiful, just as Payard describes.


  1. I've never had it with chocolate before, sounds good:@)

  2. How original and sounds great; chocolate in a rice pudding; must bring over the top; love rice pudding.

  3. I'm having trouble leaving comments lately. Not sure what the problem is. Your pudding looks great. The cherries were my favorite part. Did you omit them? We loved this. Thanks for cooking along with me this month.

  4. I've never made rice pudding either, but the chocolate and orange flavors sound great!


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