Thursday, December 23, 2010

From The Good Life

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This past summer my Thursday posts were entitled "In My Garden". When the weather started to turn cold and the flowers were gone, my Thursday posts became "From the Good Life". This week, I'm so exicited to share an indoor gardening post.

This summer I bought a Meyer Lemon "Tree". I kept it outside on the deck until the nights became too cool. Since I brought it inside and put it in our west facing living room window, it seems to be doing well. The tree has had several blossoms. After the blossoms fell, I noticed what appeared to be the start of a lemon. The first one appears to be continuing to grow, there's a second and third one just starting out as well. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the largest one in the lower left corner.

The sunlight in this window must be perfect for tropical plants. This is the window our bouganvillea has been thriving in for three years! I wonder how long it takes a lemon to fully mature?


  1. Good luck with the Meyers! It's such a great tasting lemon, and the blooms are very pretty! I just love them! I'm interested to see how you do with it!

  2. What a cute tree! I love meyer lemons but they are so hard to find! It would be so ideal to have a tree all to myself.

  3. Hope the lemons turn out for you! We've debating all week about what kind of trees we want to plant in the backyard this spring =)

  4. In a magazine I received yesterday, there was a huge section devoted to lemons. So many terrific recipes.

    You've got so many yummy things going on, I've got to take down some of those recipes. Can't believe I'm saying that after a HUGE week of cooking - UGG!

    Re- Chocolate with Francios, can you update the site so we can comment on up coming recipes? It's a little behind. Thanks Julie and, by the way, I'm making that sugar loaded chocolate pecan tart today. It's going to be good!


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