Thursday, August 27, 2009

How Organized are You?

I consider myself an organized person. My e-mail in box only contains mail that is unanswered or needs action. All other e-mails are filed or in the trash bin. My desk contains folders for everything and the stack of filing is small. The clothes in my closet are arranged by type and color. My recipes...not so much. I would like to think the reason is, there are so many pieces of paper to organize. I add a clipping or two to the pile every day. I do have accordian file folders with tabs for the type of recipes. I try to keep up on the filing and do an adequate job but it's more than just filing. If you want to find a recipe for a salad for a dinner, you have to go through the pieces of paper one by one to determine which one to use. Or if you want to find a recipe based on the ingredients in the pantry or refrigerator, there's no way to do that with these accordian files of recipes.

Earlier this week, my husband sent me this article. How great would it be if these accordian files could be turned into a virtual recipe box? With just a couple of days left in my medical leave, I am scrambling to finish all the projects on my "TO DO LIST". With many of them crossed off the list, I think I can find the time to explore these software options. Big Oven is a great option for bloggers with Facebook pages.

The downside to any of these programs is the recipes can't be scanned in, you have to enter them individuall into the program. Once you've taken the time to do that, what a great resource you will have at your fingertips. I will share my research and hopefully my eventual purchase as I delve into this over the next few weeks.

Do you know of other options for recipe organization?

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  1. I used to be an organization freak but my kids beat that out of me years

    Now I'm an admitted recipe collecting addict with no hope of recovery. They're everywhere in my house. Post it notes on the fridge. Xeroxed recipes sticking out of paperbacks as bookmarkers. And to top it all off, I have the "something shiny" syndrome, where I get distracted with every new delicious-sounding recipe I see. I need

    That software does sound promising though!


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