Sunday, August 6, 2017

A New Venture for Me! - Usborne Books and More!

Hello!  Hard to believe my last post was in November.  Secret Recipe Club ended and that was my inspiration to blog, so it seemed fitting time to pause and decide did I want to continue? I love my collection of recipes here and hope you do, too.  I refer back to them often and share with family and friends.  My online cooking legacy of sorts.  What am I up to these days instead?

In June a friend invited me to a FaceBOOK party for Usborne Books and More.  I hadn't heard of these books or attended a FaceBOOK party, so of course I said yes!  With two grandchildren, Chester who's 6 months and Paxton who is 6 years, Grandma needs to build their library.  Reading is so important and I know i don't want the iPad to replace books.  I fell in love with these books and decided to have my own party.  At that time, they had a super joining special and Usborne doesn't require their consultants to meet monthly minimums, so I decided to become a consultant.

I will be sharing Usborne specials, articles about reading and opportunities to win free books here.  I hope you will follow along and learn more about these great books.

Usborne is about MORE than just purchasing books.  They offer an amazing fundraising opportunity, called CARDS FOR A CAUSE(CFAC).  CFAC is boxes of 30 beautiful cards for $30.00 and the organizaiton gets $13.00 of each box sold.  Great for schools, churches, cheer leading, football, etc. etc.

Here's to reading!

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