Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend DIY

Are you addicted to Pinterest?  Not only I am I using it to keep track of all the recipes I want to try, I am inspired to be crafty.  There's so many great ideas,  even a non crafter (like me) can be crafty! 

 After searching all the big box stores for pots for the front porch, I turned to Pinterest.  I love tiered planters and found detailed instructions to make these here.  With Tim's help, new pots for the front porch at a fraction of the cost.

I needed candles to round out my mantle.  I searched Pinterest for  inspiration and found lots of posts where items were wrapped with jute.  Why not votives?   Even better, the votives were in my closet, not being used.  I found these stars at Hobby Lobby and painted them to add to the votives.  How easy and thrifty was this?!!!

What are your favorite Pinterest inspirations?


  1. I'm a quilter, so I have more than one board devoted to quilting. You can check my boards here:, if you're interested.

  2. Both cute projects! I like the color of your planters:@)

  3. The candles with the jute is really creative and can be so decorative on a deck at night. Believe I'll try that...thanks for posting!

  4. I must admit that I haven't gone on pinterest yet. I'm afraid it would just become another distraction! Your crafts look terrific though - love the votives!

  5. I can waste so much time on Pinterest! The good thing is that I get inspired from all the wonderful pins I see. Love your pots!

  6. I love Pinterest, love that I have a place to save all my favorite finds. I love those planters, they came out amazing!


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