Monday, October 31, 2011

Chocolate Ginger Angel Food Cake - CWF

I spent all day yesterday unpacking the last of the moving boxes. The moving boxes that really needed to be unpacked, that is! The good news is I did it! The bad news is that didn't leave me a lot of time to bake for Chocolate With Francois. It's a proven fact if I wait till last minute to bake for one of my baking groups, the recipe won't turn out quite right. Once again, that's the case. I baked this cake after work tonight, yes the last minute! I am not sure if I didn't let it bake long enough or what but it didn't come out of the pan quite right. The texture is unlike any angel food cake, I've ever had before. The cake is very heavy and dense, not light and airy like I think of when I hear angel food cake. I omitted the candied ginger because I didn't have any and it wasn't in the cards to make some tonight. The flavor of the cake itself is good but I can't get past the texture!

You can check out the other CWF baker's cakes here. You'll find their cakes look much better than mine did. The recipe should be up over at Leslie of Lethally Delicious' blog sometime soon. If not and despite my not so great review, you want the recipe, just send me an email! Next up for CWF is Spicy Chocolate Pots De Creme!


  1. This dish looks mouthwatering..Totally Yumm..

  2. Congratulations on your unpacking! how did you get the energy to bake a cake; you're good!

  3. Your cake looks good. I agree the texture was not quite as light at a regular angel food cake, but I was very careful not to overbake mine so mine turned out pretty darn good, even tho it is a bit chewy. We loved this and it was easy to make.

  4. I have had recipes come out less than appealing but really enjoyed the taste. I admire your ability to bake after all of the other things you have accomplished! Good job!


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