Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cake Top Cake - Foodie Friday

I am taking the Wilton Course 1 in cake decorating. This week we decorated our first cake. We are learning to make those beautiful roses you see on decorated cakes.

When I made my cake for class, I had the two leftover cake tops. I decided to make a little cake top cake for us.

Kinda cute, huh?

I am linking this to Foodie Friday at Designs by Gollum.


  1. Nice job, Julie. This is a pretty cake. One lesson and you are good.

    That is something I can't do - decorate. If I am lucky, I get a blob on top but pretty no.

  2. The little top is cute. Looks like a great amount to have around the house. Enough there to get a couple of servings, but not so much that you dread eating it by the time its gone. Good luck with the little roses. You are much better with frosting than I am if you get them mastered!


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