Sunday, November 1, 2009

White Chocolate & Orange Cookies - Sweet & Simple Bakes

I have been looking forward to making these cookies all month. I was going to make them last week but ended up with a busier week than I'd anticipated. I did print the recipe and using the internet convert grams to cups. Or so I thought...the site I looked at showed 200 grams as 7/8 cup. As the first cookie sheet was baking, I knew the conversion was oh so wrong!!! My cookies were running all over the cookie sheet. I looked on line again and found another site that said 200 grams is 1 3/4 cup. At the end of the baking time, I let them cook and scraped them off the sheet and into a baggie. I think they'll make a great topping for ice cream. I added more flour and baked the second sheet...better but still runny. On my third attempt, I think I was able to add enough flour but sadly only had enough dough for 6 cookies.

The theme of my last two Sweet & Simple Bakes has been the same, I need to get a scale. I've been looking at them and need to make the purchase, SOON!!! If anyone can recommend a good scale, please let me know!

The flavor of these cookies is amazing! The orange and chocolate are wonderful together! I didn't have any white chocolate and am not a white chocolate fan, so I substituted milk chocolate.

You can find all of the other Sweet & Simple bakers and the recipe here!


  1. Sorry to hear about your troubles but YES you do need those scales SOON, Typoon do a nice set and I am sure amazon sell those.

    Your cookies turned out great, despite your troubles.

    Thanks for taking part and hope you will join us in our next bake and hopefully have those scales by then.


  2. Turned out perfect..

  3. I had a few problems at the beginning too, they were too soft and sticky.. but turned out great after baking them.. Your cookies look great. Hope you get a scale soon. :)

  4. Aw - what a shame you had so many problems! Hope the finished 6 cookies tasted great to make it worth all your effort!

  5. Great cookies, Great blog!
    Sorry you had some problems - they look worth it in the end. Lucie x

  6. Looks good to me. I have a widget on my blog that converts measures into cups and vice versa. You could maybe put that on your blog to make it easier.

  7. You needed to simply reduce the sugar. Sugar will cause spread. But now you've got that great topping for ice cream. I'm jealous.

  8. Good luck with the scales! I'd struggle with using cups! Glad they turned out great in the end!

  9. I have had difficulty with conversions but with only one exception, I have found an almost identical or close to identical recipe online. I am pretty sure I am on target by comparing ingredients. I don't have the patience to make my recipes again and again. I don't have the time and when I tried, I made a mess. I am pretty sure I am making the same baked goods.

    You have a partner here to cry over lost cookies.

    Yours look fine though.

  10. These cookies look delicious. I have also had troubles with conversions so I bought a nice little red Salter scale - battery operated ounces/grams scale and I just measure all the English ingredients in a coffee filter.

  11. I always have trouble with conversions too, and always forget to use my darn scale! I used 3/4 cup sugar, and my cookies didn't spread very much at all. The one in the picture looks great though!

    The Bad Girl's Kitchen


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