Monday, October 5, 2009

How Many Pieces of Luggage Were Lost????

I was listening to Martha Stewart Living Radio and was amazed at the statistics the guest was citing about how many pieces of luggage were lost in 2008, 32 million. And to think that is down from 2007 when a staggering 47 million pieces were lost.

If you travel, it's one of your worst fears, will my luggage make it? Standing there watching the luggage go around and hoping you will see your bag rounding that corner soon.

A few reminders for your luggage when traveling:

* Make sure to look at the tag placed on your luggage. Is it coded with your destination? Does it have a legible barcode?

* At home, before zipping up that suitcase, take a picture of the contents. If you need to file a claim, you won't have to try and remember what all was inside.

* Put your name, address, phone number and itinerary inside your bag.

Also, read the airlines baggage policy and make sure you aren't packing something inside your luggage that isn't covered by their policy.

Happy Travels!!!

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