Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Confirmed Make Up Junkies Favorites

I've been a "make up junkie" since I was a teenager. Always trying the latest foundation, mascara, lip gloss, blush, eye shadow, etc. etc. My make up drawer and bathroom cabinet contain hundreds of products. At 50 something, shouldn't it be time to settle down and pick my favorites? Well as it turns out, as I was cleaning out my make up drawer, I realized I have done just that. I so love my favorites, I had to share them with you.

I have also discovered EBay is a great source for purchasing make up. You can find some real bargains!!

Foundation - Bare Minerals by Bare Escentuals - Mineral Make Up is good for your skin and the best thing...for all those nights you just can't bring yourself to remove your make up...you can sleep in it!!

Concealer - Summer Bisque by Bare Escentuals - Nice coverage without looking like cover up.

Finishing Powder - Smash Box Halo Hydrating Powder - Creates a nice soft finish and helps foundation stay on all day.

Eye Brows - Smash Box Brow Tech - So easy to work with and natural looking.

Eye Shadow - Well Rested by Bare Escentuals (Base) - Just as it's name says, it gives your eyes a great "well rested" look and is an excellent base.

Eye Liner - WaterNumbered Listproof Shadow Liner - Smash Box - No more of the thin pencil like eyeliner, this creates a beautiful smoky eye liner.

Mascara - BLINC - By far my absolute favorite find. I've struggled for years with mascara melting below my eyes and creating those lovely racoon eyes. This mascara stays on your lashes. It's so interesting, it creates a tube over your lashes. The first couple of times you remove it, you'll think you removed an eye lash but it's the tube of the mascara coming off instead.

Perfume/Body Lotion/Shower Gel - Amazing Grace by Philosphy - Love, love , love this fragrance. It's so clean and so natural. While standing in a check out line or being waited on by a sales clerk, I am often told how nice I smell.

Clarisonic Mia - My newest purchase and it's proving to be everything that I had read and heard it would been the talk of radio and tv shows. It was one of Oprah's favorite things and is talked about on Eva Scrivo's Beauty Talk on Sirius. This is a smaller version of the original Clarisonic. I have wanted one for a while but held off because of the price. The original was around $200.00.
The Mia is about half the size of the original but has all of the same benefits.

I am not going cold turkey breaking this addiction. The one product I am still not 100% sure of is blush. I've never found one that I just LOVE. Do you have any suggestions for me??

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